How common is it for Women to sleep with their Boss?

Having a relationship with the boss is definitely alright if the boss is not married, or if company policy allows a relationship within the company. However, there are women who sleep with their bosses for many reasons, and those bosses are most of the tied in marriage. In fact, 15 percent of women have experienced sleeping their bosses, gained dramatic rewards for it. But, there are many cases where those women lost their job for indiscretion when the wives found out, or if they have been shunned by everyone in the office and they just couldn’t afford to work there anymore.

Reasons why women sleeps with their boss

Women have different reasons for having sexual affairs with their bosses, and the most common reasons are:

Career advancement

The corporate world is tough for women, and there are those who do not have the patience to wait for years to get advancement in their career. By sleeping with the boss, they get to receive a promise of promotion or salary increase.

Genuine feelings

Though it is common for women to sleep with their married bosses for a work promotion or increase in compensation, there are also women who genuinely feel attracted to their handsome and kind bosses. Their feelings are real, and they are not expecting any promotion or increase in wages in return of their affair.

It’s exciting and beneficial

There are actually women who enjoy sleeping with married men, especially when those men are their bosses. They thrive in the thrill of discreet affairs, and enjoy the benefits of expensive gifts, expensive restaurants, and trips. These women are usually career-driven individuals who have no desire for love, and sees sleeping with the boss as a means to enjoy sexual activities and gain expensive offerings in return of their favors.

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