Rough Sex

Why do women like rough sex?

Sex and orgasm always come hand in hand, especially when we talk about rough, extremely satisfying sex. Orgasm coming from a rough sex is actually more enjoyable compared to traditional sexual activity, and the spontaneity of rough sex is certainly a factor that drives women wild.

The thrill is real

Rough sex is downright exciting. The traditional gentle love making can be satisfying, but the rough sex offers more doors for pleasure, and different ways to reach orgasm. Traditional sex can be boring sometimes, but rough sex never loses its luster. When you engage in rough wild sex, you feel like you’re a different person, and the complete thrill of the moment will increase your motivation to reach new levels of satisfaction.

Pain intensifies the pleasure

In rough sex, pain is not felt the same way as the normal pain you will feel when you are physically abused or beaten, or shoved around. When you have rough sex that blows out of proportion, your physical pain enhances your senses for pleasure, and makes your sexual activity ore fulfilling through the most rocking orgasm. You may wake up with bruises on your body, but you will not feel the usual pain, but you will experience a delicious throbbing that comes with the memories of how you and your partner reached the height of heaven.

Because they do. Period.

Why women likes rough sex has always been a controversial topic especially for conservative women. Well, the answer is really quite simple. Women like, or even love rough sex just because they do. There are women who cannot reach orgasm if they are not roughened up. They are just built that way. And pleasure is the right for every human being, and how women enjoy their sex life is entirely up to them.

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